Service Assistance – Messervice is an Italian Company, that since 1979, has focalized its business in the Service Assistance of Electronic Equipments for Maritime Navigation.

Our skilled technicians are periodically trained in order to satisfy the continuous evolution of the modern electronics and information technologies.

Spare Parts – The most of the times a service attendance cannot be succesfully completed due to un-availability of the required spare part/s or to the poor competence of the attending engineer. Since long time, Messervice has focalized the service assistance only on the equipment manufactured by the represented companies. In this way it has become possible to keep in stock a wide range of genuine spare parts in order to improve the possibility to solve definitively the service attendance or to satisfy the customer request. Anyhow there is a daily contact with the Manufacturers therefore, if the required spare part/s is/are temporarly out of stock, a fast answer can be replied in very short time.

Consumable Parts – Messervice keep in stock a wide range of parts that periodically need to be replaced, such as Course Recorder Roll Papers, Echosounder Roll Papers and Stylus Pens, Navtex Roll Papers, Wheather Facsimile Roll Papers, VHF Batteries, EPIRB Batteries and many other genuine or compatible consumable or expiring parts from all principal makers.

Retrofit – Messervice has also a good experience on retrofitting old, unreliable or not repairable equipments. The Engineering section is able to study a convenient and updated solution in order to install a new equipment instead of the old one, taking care about the interfacing with the external users ( Gyrocompass, Repeaters, Radars, Autopilot, GPS, etc… ) and trying to find together with the customer the best way to satisfy the requirements.